GoT Inspired Getaways
With the final season now underway, why not plan to tick off some of the most iconic Game of Thrones filming destinations to keep the excitement going?
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Fans will love marvelling at the real-life Kings Landing. Look forward to seeing the stages of the Purple Wedding, the Red Keep, the streets used for the walk of penance and loads more!

Flights to Dubrovnik from £61:

Hotels in Dubrovnik from £40*:
Reykjavik, Iceland
Take a tour of rolling hills beyond The Wall and deep into Wildling and White Walker territory. Discover where famous Wilding scenes were filmed, including the Settlement Viking Lodge, the location of a particularly brutal massacre.

Flights to Reykjavik from £44:

Hotels in Reykjavik from £74*:

Guided GoT tour from £75:
Ballymoney, Northern Ireland
One of the biggest attractions in Ballymoney is the world-famous Dark Hedges, a breathtaking, tunnel-like, avenue of beech trees which fans will recognise as Kings Road. Take a drive along the coast and youll also find the locations used as the Iron Islands, the Dothraki Sea and Winterfell.

Flights to Belfast, Northern Ireland from £20:

Hotels near Ballymoney from £78*:

*Hotel prices are per person per night based on two people sharing a room in September 2019.