Out-Of-This-World Star Wars Destinations
Discover some of the stunning locations used as backdrops for the latest Star Wars installment, The Last Jedi.

From Ireland to South America, only the world's most dramatic scenery was selected for depicting the films faraway lands, such as the planets Ahch-To and Crait and the casino city of Canto Bright.
Skellig Islands, Ireland
Fans will recognize these rocky, wind-swept isles as Luke Skywalker's hideaway planet, Ahch-To. A little tricky to get at, but more than worth the trip, youll find these craggy rock formations 8 miles off the southwest coast of Ireland.

• Fly to Cork or Kerry and stay in Portmagee (3-hour drive from Cork airport)
• Book your boat trip to the islands in advance
• Travel season is May - October

Flights to Cork:

Hotels in Portmagee, County Derry: www.traveldeals24.net/rbex
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
The extraterrestrial look of these magnificent salt plains makes them the perfect stand-in for the uninhabited planet of Crait. The scene of an epic showdown in the latest film, a trip to Bolivia should be on every fans bucket-list.

• Fly to Calama, Chile (6-hour drive from Uyuni)
• Dry season is May - November

Flights to Calama, Chile: www.traveldeals24.net/4bky

Hotels near Uyuni, Bolivia: www.traveldeals24.net/iuo9
Dubrovnik, Croatia
The ancient city walls and maze-like, narrow streets of Dubrovnik play host to the casino city of Canto Bight. This fictional city is a place of luxury and decadence, which fits perfectly with Dubrovniks picturesque seafront and stunning architecture.

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Hotels in Dubrovnik:
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